Blogging is truly a roller coaster ride with all of its twists and turns and moments of pure anxiety. And now that I have been blogging for nearly 1 year, I’ve learned that you have two choices when you decide to start a blog.

You can either 1. take a seat and buckle up for the ride or 2. throw in the towel once you see the bump up ahead.


The problem with blogging is that not everyone can succeed.  You have to be talented, driven, and you have to love writing. Unfortunately, many stay-at-home moms will learn that you can earn an income through blogging such as these huge bloggers like Michelle of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, and assume all you have to do is start a blog.

“NO!” It is not that simple. Successful blogging requires investing your time and energy. And I cannot express this enough but you have got to LOVE your blog. If you don’t have a love for your blog your readers will know and they will not come back.

And speaking of readers. They don’t just stumble onto your blog as many new bloggers believe. They have to be searched for. Bloggers are constantly hunting for their viewers and inviting them back to their blog with breadcrumbs or links. HAHA, The secret to finding people who will enjoy reading your blog is to post your content where they hang out. For every, niche it can be a different hangout.

For instance, my blog is a mommy blog that also covers topics such as green and frugal living.

And as we all know many moms and green living lovers are usually too busy to Google anything they may want to know. Such as, “how do I get my breastfed baby to sleep through the night?” Or, “how can I make money from home as a stay at home mom?”

That’s why Pinterest is mama’s best friend. It has so many benefits such as saving your searches, your pins and offering pins that are similar to what you have already searched.

So long story short, when I started my blog I knew I needed to find these mamas that would be interested in reading my mommy blog. And Pinterest makes it even easier for bloggers with Group Boards.

Group Boards allow the creator of that board to add contributors(bloggers) to their board and pin their own images that lead to their blog posts.

However, the big problem is once you join several Pinterest Group Boards and start writing a ton of blog posts it can become tedious to pin each of the pins yourself. 

So, of course, the most popular way of pinning your blog’s pinnable images to Pinterest is through apps like Tailwind and Buffer. There may be some that I am missing but those are the ones the I have personally used.

But even after using sometimes all of these Pinterest schedulers, I still wasn’t receiving great page views on my blog. I got so frustrated and wanted to figure out what I was doing wrong.

I was scheduling my pins, sharing my posts everywhere, and even asking popular bloggers to look at my blog and tell me what I could improve. But unfortunately, they just assumed it was because I was still a very new blogger.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Pinterest Strategies

How I used Pinterest stragegies to skyrocket my blog traffic | blog traffic| pinterest strategy| getting more traffic on blog from pinterest pinterest strategies

And then finally I came across an ebook called Pinterest Strategies written by Carly Campbell from MommyonPurpose. She too had the same problems I was currently experiencing. And after intensively studying Pinterest’s algorithms. She finally was able to figure out a strategy to get her pins noticed. And ultimately she was able to bring more viewers to her blog.

So after reading Carly’s story, I decided to take the leap and gave her strategy a chance. And it worked!

In less than one week of reading Pinterest Strategies, my page views more than tripled. In fact, before reading the ebook, I was lucky to see 100 page views in one day. And after one week I was receiving over 1,400 views.

But of course, I am one of those people that like to go straight to the source for my questions. And luckily, Carly has been so gracious to allow me to interview her and ask her some questions about herself and her ebook.

Interviewing Carly from MommyonPurpose


First of all what inspired you to start blogging?

 I wanted to be able to make an income from home, and stay with my kiddo because I desperately didn’t want to have to go back to work after I had a baby. One day, I had read about blogging, and it sounded like something I could do!

How is your ebook different from other blogging ebooks?

I’d like to think that the main difference between my ebook and other ebooks is that this one is unique advice. You won’t find exactly this advice in any other book – that I know of. 


On average, how long does it take for a blogger to start seeing an increase in page views after reading Pinterest Strategies?

Truthfully there is not cut and dried answer to this. MOST of the people I hear back from see results within a few weeks. Some have seen results within a few days. Some people have never seen results, but that could be because they are not implementing the strategies properly – they are time consuming and many people can’t commit the way they need to!

What is your Ultimate Goal for the Pinterest Strategies ebook?

My goal was to just sell ten! HAHA! I have so far surpassed that goal that I haven’t given the future of the book much thought. I will be doing my best to keep it up to date with any algorithm changes, and hopefully it can keep helping bloggers to reach THEIR goals! 

And lastly, are there more ebooks in your future?


YES! This ebook helps bloggers GET traffic… and now I am working on a book to help them MONETIZE their traffic! I am not one of these people who can just crank out books like it’s the easiest thing ever… so it’ll be a while before the book is FULLYready. Right now it’s available for an introductory price of 7$ because I am looking for feedback on it.


buy Pinterest Strategies ebook. get more traffic to your blog


 *Are you ready to increase your traffic through Pinterest and start earning an income from blogging? TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS. I ALWAYS LOVE TO HEAR FROM MY READERS!

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