Making money from home is becoming more and more popular amongst moms who dream of staying at home with their children while also helping to bring in the bacon. One really great way that many moms are making money from home is through starting a mom blog.

And although writing a mom blog may not sound like a very reliable or profitable source of income, it truly has changed in recent years and has become a huge full-time job for quite a few mom bloggers. In fact, I earn an income as a mom blogger each month.

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How to Start a Mom Blog

Of course, just as with any business, starting a blog does take some hard work and time. But once you have your blog up and running, maintaining your mom blog is so much easier.

The best part is that starting a mom blog is not very expensive. No really! You can start your own mom blog from scratch for just a few dollars per month. There are just a few decisions you have to make once you start a blog such as which hosting service you should go with (I highly recommend SiteGround. They have been so much better than the hosting service I chose the first time around).

You will also have to pick out your blog’s theme – (the Divi Theme is the best, especially for moms who may not be the best at techy things like me!)

And finally, you have to decide your blog’s name and what you want to write about. I knew from the time I started my blog that I wanted to write about motherhood, but after blogging for two years, I have expanded into other topics that affect parenting such as autism, budgeting, and so much more.


How to Monetize a Mom Blog

How do moms make money blogging?

This was my question for the longest time. I made so many mistakes with my mom blog and had a hard time trying to figure out how to make money with a small blog.

But after almost 2 years of blogging, I finally found out how to truly monetize my mom blog by taking this course by Elna Cain from Twins Mommy. Now I regularly make a full-time income from my mom blog each month.

The best thing about starting a blog is that you can monetize your mom blog in several different ways to diversify your income potential. So here are 8 ways that moms can make money from a mom blog.

1. Ad Networks

After taking the Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic Course by Elna Cain, I learned that most blogs are able to make money in different ways depending on what type of blog they are and also what their audience is looking for.

For example, my blog focuses more on giving helpful tips to moms so most of my readers are stay-at-home moms who are coming to my blog to find information.

And because my audience is more likely to come to my blog just to get an answer to their problems, the best way that I learned to monetize my blog is through ads. Displaying ads on your site is an easy way to make money because you really don’t have to do any work once the ads are active on your blog. All you have to worry about is increasing your traffic to bring in more revenue.

What are some great ad networks for mom bloggers?

Google Adsense – While Google Adsense is one of the most popular ad networks, the income potential is low. To be honest I would not even waste my time going with them and would just focus on increasing my monthly visitors to be eligible to apply for a better ad network.

Gourmet Ads – If you plan to write about food on your blog, Gourmet Ads is a great ad network that will pay pretty well. And even if your blog isn’t mainly about food but has a few recipes, then check them out.

Mediavine – Mediavine is by far the best ad network that I have personally worked with and I know tons of other mom bloggers who love them as well. Now since Mediavine is a higher-paying ad network they do require their publishers to have 25,000 sessions a month (which usually amounts to around 30,000 page views per month).


2. Affiliate Marketing

Another great option for moms to make money through a blog is affiliate marketing. Now there are tons of moms who have a ton of success with affiliate marketing and make a full-time income just from it alone.

I think it depends on what type of blog you have, your audience, and also what affiliate programs you are promoting.

So if you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it works like this. First, you would join an affiliate program and mention their product through your site in a blog post. Then on that blog post, you would have a special affiliate link that is exclusively yours. If a person comes to your site and clicks through that link and decides to buy that product that you mentioned, you, in turn, will receive a commission.

Where can I find affiliate programs for mom bloggers?

There are tons of different affiliate programs available. You can either become an affiliate directly through the company of their affiliate network that has numerous merchants to join. Both options are great.

Affiliate Networks

My Favorite Affiliate Programs


3. Sponsored Posts

Writing sponsored blog posts for brands can be a lot of fun and can bring in some great income for mom bloggers.

A sponsored blog post is where a brand hires you to write about their product or service and gives you strict guidelines that you must follow. The thing about sponsored blog posts is that you most often have to be an established blogger to get jobs from great brands.

However, once you do have a good amount of page views you can either pitch directly to brands about how much you love their company and would love to write a sponsored blog post for them, or you can join media companies where you can apply to write sponsored posts.

How can I find sponsored blog post opportunities?


4. Product Reviews

Similar to writing sponsored blog posts, product reviews are when you receive a product from a company and review it in a blog post.

Now with product reviews, there are times where mom bloggers are contacted and asked to review a product in exchange for getting that product free of cost. However, most of the time, the product that companies are asking you to review is not worth the time and effort you put into writing a blog post.

So if you are interested in making money by writing product reviews on your mom blog, be sure that you are being compensated as well.

Where can I find product review opportunities?

Most of the time I have been contacted via email by companies that want me to review products, however, you can also email companies yourself and offer your prices to write a review on their products.


5. Selling Ebooks And Courses

Creating your own ebooks and courses is one of the most profitable ways to make money from a mom blog. And just about all bloggers have their own ebook or course available for sale.

The best thing about selling an ebook or course is that all of the profits go to you. And since all of the products are digital you don’t have to store things in your home and worry about mailing them off.

What should I create an ebook or course about?

You could literally write an ebook or course about almost anything as long as your audience will benefit from it. By doing some research you can learn exactly what your target audience is asking for and how you can create a product to help them. A few ideas for an ebook or course could be:

  • Budgeting
  • Motherhood
  • Blogging


6. Selling Physical Products

If creating physical products is more your style, you can certainly make an income from that too. There are tons of moms who create handmade items and sell them through their blogs.

And you can start your own Etsy shop to have your physical products listed there as well.

What type of physical products could I make and sell on my blog?

The ideas are limitless, but doing some research to see what your audience needs and is asking for is the best idea. Many moms make and sell tons of items including:

  • Crocheted kitchen towels
  • Jewelry
  • paintings
  • T-shirts



7. Selling Services

Selling services is one way that many new bloggers get started making money right away. By selling your services you can earn money and also learn how to run your mom blog at the same time.

Tons of established bloggers really need someone to help with some of the tasks that come along with blogging. By having a blog already set up, you can direct potential clients directly to your blog so they can read about your experience and what services you offer.

What services can I offer?

  • Freelance Writing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social Media Manager
  • Data Entry
  • Proofreading
  • Bookkeeping

And if you want to become a freelance writer I highly recommend this course by Elna Cain – Write Your Way to Your First $1k.


Are you a mom blogger? How do you make money with your mom blog?

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