Will my second pregnancy be different than my first?

Many moms who learn that they are expecting for the second time often assume that their second pregnancy will be just like their first. However, that is usually not the case for most second-time moms.

Since your body has been through pregnancy before, some symptoms may start showing up faster than with your first pregnancy. Truthfully, every pregnancy is different and every pregnant mom is going to experience pregnancies individually.

So, how does the second pregnancy differ from first?

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1. Feeling Pregnant Sooner

One very common thing that expecting moms report during their second pregnancy is the fact that they feel pregnant sooner than they did in their first pregnancy. In fact, some moms actually know or suspect that they are pregnant before their missed period in later pregnancies.

This is probably because moms know what it feels like to be pregnant and are more aware of the pregnancy symptoms the second time around. So even if you didn’t feel pregnant right away during your first pregnancy, you may notice symptoms during your second pregnancy earlier.


2. Your Pregnancy Symptoms May Be Different

Every pregnancy is different, and because of that many expecting moms have said that their pregnancy symptoms have been different from one pregnancy to another.

There are actually tons of old wives’ tales that say pregnancy symptoms are different depending on what gender you are having. Of course, that may not be entirely accurate but it sure is fun to play around with the idea.

Honestly, there are several different reasons that pregnancy symptoms can be different throughout different pregnancies.


3. You May Crave Different Foods Than Your First Pregnancy

Are you craving different foods than you did with your first pregnancy?

There are pregnant women who LOVE one type of food during their first pregnancy and then cannot stand it during their second pregnancy. And that is totally normal.

Pregnancy cravings are actually a pregnant woman’s body’s way of getting proper nutrition.


4. You May Feel Less Stressed

Do you feel like this pregnancy is a breeze compared to your first?

Most expecting moms have said that their second pregnancy was way less stressful than their first.

This could be due to the fact, that you already have one or more children to take care of to keep you busy. It also could be because you’ve already experienced pregnancy and feel more confident than before.

I personally had a relatively easy pregnancy the first time around. But my second pregnancy was filled with worry and anxiety since I miscarried just before becoming pregnant again.


5. You Are More Tired

Do you feel like you are more exhausted with this pregnancy than your first?

If you do it’s probably due to the fact that you are not only creating a human being, but also taking care of yourself and another child or children. Being a mom while pregnant is hard work so don’t feel bad if you are more tired this time around.


6. Feeling Baby Move Earlier

Did you feel that flutter in your belly?

Most moms don’t feel their baby’s movements until they are around 16+ weeks pregnant during their first pregnancy. However, after they become pregnant for the second time, they know more of what fetal movement feels like and are able to identify it earlier than before.

So if you think you may be feeling your baby moving earlier than your first pregnancy, you may be right.


7. Your Bump May Show Sooner

Are you barely pregnant for the second time but feel like you are getting really big fast?

That is super common among pregnant women in later pregnancies. Since your body has been pregnant before, it starts to stretch and relax sooner which makes your belly look bigger quicker.

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8. You May Carry Lower

Is your belly sitting lower than it did during your first pregnancy?

Many believe that if you are carrying lower it’s a clear sign that you’re having a boy. However, it doesn’t always happen that way.

Most women find that they carry lower with all later pregnancies due to the muscles being more relaxed and their body accommodating pregnancy quicker. So if you were getting ready to paint the nursery blue, wait for that ultrasound first.


9. Breast Changes

From the time that you become pregnant, your breasts start to prepare for breastfeeding. Now if you have been pregnant before and breastfed, your breasts may change more quickly during your second pregnancy.

In fact, many second-time moms have said that they feel breast tenderness early on in later pregnancies. Other’s experience colostrum (pre-milk before breast milk comes in) leaking from their breasts in their last trimester of pregnancy.


10. More Pain Earlier

Are you feeling more uncomfortable in your second pregnancy than you did during your first?

I had a pretty pain-free first pregnancy, but my second pregnancy was anything but pain-free. From the aching pain in my groin and lower back to the sciatic nerve pain in my legs, I felt like I would never make it to my due date.

However, with a few pregnancy essentials, I found relief from all of those painful pregnancy symptoms.


11. Braxton Hicks

Do you like you are having contractions super early in your second pregnancy?

If you are and they are not consistent, don’t worry – those are called Braxton Hicks contractions. They are basically like “practice contractions” for your body to prepare for labor.

I never felt any contractions during my first pregnancy, but had some really annoying Braxton Hicks contractions several times during my second pregnancy.


12. Labor Can Be Shorter

Wait my second labor may be shorter than my first?

Well, it may. There have been several moms who’ve said that their first labor and delivery took much longer than their second. This may be because they knew more of what to expect and their bodies did as well.

However, some have experienced the opposite to be true.


13. Birth Experience is Different

Every birth experience is likely to be different depending on the circumstances.

For example, my first birth was very overwhelming. I was overdue with my baby and was later induced. And then once my induction did not help my labor move along, I subsequently had an unplanned c-section. It was very stressful and I was a total wreck.

However, during my second pregnancy, we had decided to have another c-section since my baby was sideways. It was a planned c-section so I knew more of what to expect that time around.

Are you pregnant for the second time? How has your second pregnancy been different than your first pregnancy?

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