If you’re having a C-Section, you’ll need to pack some extra items in your hospital bag. Here is what I wish I knew to pack in my hospital bag for my C-Section Delivery.

Giving birth through C-Section or Cesarean is a lot different than your typical vaginal delivery. Or at least I have been told it is. I myself have only ever had C-sections with my two children and have never even gone into labor naturally.

For my first child, I packed all of the necessary things you would bring for a normal vaginal birth but little did I know that my little girl was not making her entrance into the world through the birth canal.

After being induced since I was overdue and then going through hours of labor, I was not getting anywhere. My doctor decided it would be safer to do a C-section and get her out without delay.

Of course, as I said I had no idea that I would be having a C-Section birth. I had never even had surgery before or even a single stitch until then.

I highly regretted not being prepared for my C-Section delivery and needed so much more than I had packed.

Since most vaginal births only require a 1-2 day hospital stay, I had only packed a couple of clothes for myself and had not even thought about being there a minute longer than that. However, C-Section delivery stays are anywhere from 2-4 days depending on the patient.


When Should I Pack My Hospital Bag?

Most doctors recommend that expecting mothers have their hospital bag packed by their eighth month of pregnancy. I would try to have a running list of everything in your packed bag and you can always throw in your last-minute things.

My husband and I wrote a checklist of the items we needed to throw into our hospital bag on the morning of my scheduled C-Section delivery such as our toiletries and such that we needed to use up until the day of our hospital stay.

What to Pack for Mom

  • Going Home Outfit – Comfortable Clothes that do not rub against your incision. I highly recommend high-waisted leggings and comfortable T-shirts. You will not be back to your pre-pregnancy size and may need to still wear maternity clothes for a bit longer.
  • Socks and Slippers – Make sure to pack some easy-to-slip-on slippers because you will not be bending down to put them on. Trust me. The easier to slip on the better. You will also be going for walks around the labor and delivery floor to make sure that your body is recovering. Walking also helps to get your blood flowing and prevent blood clots.
  • Robe and/or Sweater – It gets cold in the hospital and when you are walking around it’s nice to have something comfy and warm on.
  • Toiletries – Although the hospital does often provide shampoo and soap if you need it, you can bring your own from home if you’d rather use a certain kind. But be sure to bring deodorant, makeup, facial wash, and anything else you need to feel more human.
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste – Bring any dental hygiene items that you will require for the couple of days you are in the hospital.
  • Phone Charger – After taking tons of pictures your phone will be on its last leg. Make sure you have your charger packed.
  • Hair Bands – This may seem a little silly but I hated having my hair down after having my kids in the hospital especially when you are trying to get your baby latched onto your breast and learning about breastfeeding. Having my hair pulled back and out of my way made a huge difference.
  • Belly Band – A belly band or belly binder is a wrap that goes around your waist and keeps everything secure. It helps a ton after having a C-Section and it also gives support to your abdomen.
  • Eyeglasses and Contact Lens Care (if applicable) – I am blind without my contact lenses or glasses. Here’s what I have experienced when giving birth. If you wear contact lenses you have to take them out before having a scheduled C-Section. You can wear eyeglasses for the delivery and then pop the contact lenses back in later or keep your glasses on your entire hospital stay. It’s completely a personal choice.

What to Pack for Baby

  • Car seat – We always had our car seat base installed into our car before going to the hospital that way we could just snap the car seat in as soon as we were leaving the hospital.
  • Going Home Outfit for Baby – Plan a perfect outfit for when you are headed home from the hospital and make sure it is weather-appropriate.
  • Blankets for Baby – Depending on the weather try to pack either a light or heavy blanket for the car trip home.

What to Pack for Dad

Don’t forget about Dad. Although he may not be going through childbirth he still needs to pack a few things.

  • Change of Clothes – Try to pack at least 2-4 days worth of clothes and even pajamas for your partner.
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Toiletries – Pack all of his manly toiletries including his deodorant, soap, shampoo, and anything else he may need.
  • Phone Charger – If your partner has a different phone than you make sure to pack his phone charger also. He will need it for all of the relatives he will be calling and sending cute newborn pictures out to.
  • Snacks – After having a C-Section you may be on a strict diet but your partner will be sure to love having some snacks packed for him to munch on.

What Not to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Although this may sound silly, you really do not need to pack a few things for the hospital because they will be provided for you and your baby. However, you can pack them if you would prefer to use your own.

  • Diapers and Wipes
  • Menstrual Pads
  • Jewelry and Other Valuables

Are you packing for a Scheduled C-Section Birth? Or is there something else you found helpful during your hospital stay following a C-Section?

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